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Flat Men's Sneakers

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We strongly believe that your personal information needs to be protected. You can navigate through without registering or giving personal information, but you must register to buy products or benefit from some of the sections of the site. Personal information required is necessary to complete your order or answer requests through emails. No personal data (e. g. name, email) is gathered without your permission. We respect your right to privacy at all times, whether visiting our site, looking for information or advertisement or using our services to send messages, buy or make business transactions.


General Declaration Any personally identifying information provided through the website will not be disclosed to any third party without your explicit permission. The website only collects identifying information about you when you provide it with full knowledge. With your identifying information, we can customize your user experience on our website. It may also be used for purposes indicated in sections browsed that ask for this type of information. The website sometimes allows third parties to access aggregate information (e. g., general statistics) for purposes such as advertising. However, all identifying information remains strictly confidential.


Identifying information is personal information that we can use explicitly to identify you or communicate with you. This type of information includes your name, address, electronic address, mailing address, telephone number, credit card number, etc. Any piece of information used alone and not explicitly disclosing your “real” identity is not considered as identifying information. For example, your favourite websites saved in your Favourites, your webpage display settings and site configuration based on your choices are not identifying information. From time to time, the website may ask you to provide personal information such as your name and address. This occurs when you log on to make purchases, participate in contests or take advantage of our promotions or services requiring that you log on or subscribe. The website must collect this information to process orders, award prizes and ensure that its policies are followed. In addition, the information must be collected to ensure compliance with federal, provincial/state and municipal legislation and for editorial and feedback purposes. With this knowledge, you may decide to provide, or not provide, this information.


We ask for your name and contact information such as your address in order to process your order and contact you easily if we have questions. We ask for your credit card information to process your order and we provide this information to the company (ies) that process your payments. We do not send any other information to third parties, except when your contact information or order information is needed to process your order. We do not share or sell any email addresses.


We continuously strive to maintain and improve the integrity of our website. To do so, we collect and analyze some information on how people use our website. When you visit our site, we sometimes collect various types of technical data that we store as aggregate and identifying information. Such data include information on users’ domain and web browsers. For instance, we may know about the website that you used to access ours and the link that you followed when leaving our site. We may also store the pages of the site that you visited and the time that you spent on it.


We also use cookies. Cookies are small files that our server stores in the computers of visitors to our website to allow them to contact and interact more easily with our site and send us important information about how they use our site. For example, we place a cookie on visitors’ computers when they visit our site. The next time that they access our site from the same computer, our server will recognize both the cookie and the visitor. We also use cookies to collect information about members who visit our site without identifying themselves or log out from a session to continue to browse the site. A large number of web browsers’ computers are automatically configured to accept cookies. You may change the parameters of your browser to reject cookies or notify you when your information is about to be saved on your hard disk. However, please note that when you ask your browser to reject cookies, certain sections of the site may not work properly or as efficiently as they do when cookies are accepted. Your name, address and other personal details are not stored in a cookie. A cookie only saves the “key” that, once interpreted by our site, is linked to this information. 


With your internet protocol (IP) address, we can locate your computer on the Internet network. We use it to help us manage our website. Your IP address allows us to identify you and collect large-scale demographic data to improve our site and services.


We take reasonable precautions to maintain the privacy of personal information provided. Despite all our efforts, we may be unable to prevent a third party from accessing this information. In such as case, we cannot be held responsible.


You are missing information, you want to communicate with us about a specific subject, it will be our pleasure to answer you.